Come enjoy our family friendly neighbourhood

Casa Terraza is in a family based neighborhood. From Carrizo, looking up the Callejon Carrizo, the building on the right is bright orange and green and the building on the left is purple and green. The traffic circle at the base of Carrizo is called Glorieta Tepetapa. Glorieta translates to roundabout or traffic circle. On the other side of the glorieta is the original train station. It is now a public park and sometimes holds festivals, small carnivals etc. Parking is available on Tepetapa as Casa Terraza does not have it’s own parking lot but be careful not to park where the yellow trucks are. They have a city designated space outlined in yellow. These are moving trucks that an-yone can book on a days notice. You can also park on Carizzo beside the muffler repair shop. At the far end of the train station, there is paid public parking, 24 hours per day. There are often tour buses in this lot.

Coming down the steps in the morning there are a couple of food vendors that set up between 6 am and 2 pm. They serve the traditional consume soup with pork for breakfast. The vendor on the traffic island makes fresh tacos. Other vendors set up in the evening. It is a non stop street food scene. The closest bank machine is up the hill. Look for the bus stop just up from Pepe’s hair salon. This is the road Tepetapa. Just up the hill from the bus stop, there is a Caja Popular. Don’t walk too fast, you will miss it. There is a separate door into the cash machine. The fee at the Caja Popular is the lowest in Guanajuato at 17.4 pesos for withdrawal. The machine is able to disperse 15,000 pesos which is more than many other banks in town. Garbage collection is communal. It is recommended you take your food garbage out daily due to the heat. There are two bins. One on Carrizo just beside the muffler repair shop and the other on Tepetapa up the hill from the Caja Popular. They are emptied twice a day as they service so many families. Across from the Caja Popular, there is a pharmacy.

There is a torta and quesadilla vendor on the train station side of the glorieta. They cook their meat in a cut out oil drum over wood and you can see the smoke billowing. Bbq’d pork and chorizo in a bun is called a Campechana. This costs about 25 peso and is enough for a meal. You put your own fixings on it or have it to go and they will do it for you. Down the hill from the glorieta is an Oxxo store. There you can top up your cell phone and buy your milk. At the Carrizo corner of the glorieta is an internet cafe and copy shop. You can take your memory stick and they will print off what you need. They also sell stationary supplies. At the corner of Carrizo and Casa Terraza’s callejon, there is a vendor on the left in the brick building. Her name is Marta and she sells water, juice, candy, sugar and other smaller items.