Mina de Valenciana

The origin and growth of Guanajuato resulted from the discovery of minerals in the mountains surrounding it. The mines were so rich that the city was one of the most influential during the colonial period. One of the mines, La Valenciana, accounted for two-thirds of the world’s silver production at the height of its production. Located on the Northern edge of the city, the mine is still in production today and one ton of rock is extracted every 6 minutes. The largest shaft reaches down 450 metres. The first Count of Valenciana, was very wealthy and powerful and built the Valenciana church in 1788. The entrance to the mine is beside this church.


Mina de Rayas

Mineral de Rayas, founded in 1550, developed into an extremely rich mine and earned it owners titles of nobility. The mine functions today behind its forboding, fortress-like structure high above the hills of the city.

The owner, the first Marqués de San Juan de Rayas's legacy was the Temple of San Juan de Rayas,. One of the most elegant of the silver chapels, was erected in the settlement of San Juan de Rayas located beside the mine. It was completed in the 1770s, replacing a more modest chapel dating from the 1500s, at a then staggering cost of 54,000 pesos.

In 1940 due to the building of the Panoramica road, the chapel was rescued and dismantled preserving the architectural integrity of the facade. It was re assembled as a new front for the church Guadalupe de Pardo in Tepetapa. The style is recognized as a masterpiece of the ornate Guanajuatan baroque, an innovative and authentically regional style of architectural design, developed by talented Mexican born designers and craftsmen, based upon metropolitan and Spanish models.


Mina El Nopal

On the Panoramica road stretch-between San Javier and Carrizo, exists this teaching mine for the students of Mining Engineering, from the University of Guanajuato. There are public tours which offer a sense of the life of a miner.

Ex-Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera

Preserving its ancient walls and gardens, Ex-Hacienda de San Gabriel de Barrera. It is the perfect place for social events and concerts. And its quiet, restful, gardens are special and a treasure for photographers