Jardín Florencio Antillón

Paseo de la Presa is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in the city. Some private houses were built in the Colonial or Art Nouveau style and grace the edges of this park. Stately homes, many of which are now art galleries, hotels, government offices are on either side of this park. With gentle paths and benches you can enjoy an afternoon in the shade. The top end of this park is well suited for picnics on the water reservoir, where children can sail little boats or row boats can be rented.


Plaza del Baratillo

This Plaza was formerly the city’s main market. But today you can sit back and enjoy the picturesque colourful beauty of colonial homes or purchase beautiful flowers, or snacks from the street vendors. The scent of warm cocoa may tempt you into a tiny chocolate shop on one corner. The fountain previously located in the Plaza de la Paz, was one of the first sources to receive piped water for public use. It is made of bronze and was forged in Florence, Italy, and was donated to Guanajuato by Archduke Maximilian of Hapsburg in 1864.


Plazuela de Carcamanes

This Plaza, takes its name from a tragic legend of the brothers Karlkaman, adapted into Spanish as Carcamanes. The original name of this plaza “Plaza de San José” was given as a tribute to the temple which is just a few meters away. In the square is one of the most peaceful city cafes, Café Carcamanes.

Jardín Unión

Walking towards "The Jardin" it will strike you like a diamond, small and having a rare beauty. Experience Mariachi bands, living statues, tour guides and street vendors. Beautifully manicured trees, fountains, flower gardens, park benches, and pleasant side walks. In the restaurants and outdoor tables that surround the park you will find people relaxing and enjoying the delightful ambience of the setting. Check out the lit marble wall in the Luna Bar.


Plazuela de San Fernando

Bohemian town square, full of cafes and restaurants, the background is beautiful and it has an esplanade that serves as the setting for several city festivals.

Jardín Las Embajadoras

This park is an outdoor market with food stalls and vendors throughout. Try the camarone (shrimp) cocktail or be tempted by the locals selling only one item such as onions or calla lilies. Across the road you will find clothing, shoes, cd’s or even caged birds for sale.

Across the street find. clothing, shoes, CD's and even caged birds and plants for sale.

Plaza del Ropero

A small square, Plaza del Ropero is located just outside the house where Jorge Negrete was born. A life-size statue of him stands in front of a water fountain.


Plaza de Mexiamora

Tucked away behind narrow streets, this peaceful plaza has a unique beauty from colonial homes to huge magnolia trees, a school and small businesses. Watch the boisterous children, playing games and chasing each other in their break times.


Plaza de la Paz

The center of Guanajuato is the Plaza de la Paz (Plaza of Peace), also known as the Plaza Mayor. Since the colonial period, the richest of the city’s families located their main homes here, along with government buildings and the parish church, now a Basilica. The Basilica’s construction began in 1671 and was completed 25 years later. This plaza is an open garden with a sculpture of a woman representing peace.


Plaza de los Angeles

This square appears to be hidden. Sitting on its steps or benches is the perfect break before going to the "Alley of the Kiss".


Plazuela de San Roque

Just behind San Fernando plaza and the Main street Avenida Juarez, This Plazuela, is the birthplace of Cervantes Festival 60 years ago and is still the plaza that starts the October celebrations each year.


Jardín Reforma

This lovely plaza, formerly housed the city market, but today serves as a wonderful place to just sit and enjoy the shade on numerous benches amongst the majestic trees.

Porfirio Díaz Garden (The Cantador)

The Cantador Park is a short walk down the hill from Casa Terraza this park has very wide pathways with a bicycle rental shop on the south side. Large enough to cycle around with the kids, then set out a picnic lunch


Plaza de las Ranas

This square is the entrance to the city, greeting visitors with frog statues everywhere! Guanajuato translates to "Place of Frogs". Flags of nations with a fountain and basin form the backdrop. Outdoor concerts with full stages and outdoor markets are a few of many activities.

Before you reach Plaza de las Ranas, the park on your right is Pastitos Garden. If you come down the road from the train station below Casa Terraza, this park is on the other side of the main street. Several large trees and a large green area, there is a track for walking or running and exercise equipment. If you prefer you can join classes in Tae Kwan do, Pentathlon, Zumba, or play soccer.

photo by: Ricardo Espinoza

photo by: Ricardo Espinoza