La Vida en Rose

Between Teatro Principal and Plaza Baratillo, this restaurant and pastry shop will rival many patisseries in Paris. Owned by a family who moved from France their attention to quality with desserts is exceptional. Upstairs the dining area also offers a view to the kitchen which is spotless. The restaurant service can be spotty and savoury offerings are good, not great.

Address: Calle Cantarranas # 18

 Villa Maria Cristina

Take a cab to the district Presa de La Olla and you will notice architecture from the Art Nouveau era. Stately manors surround this elegant Relais & Chateaux property. You can dine in either the romantic inner courtyard by the fountain or inside in the formal dining room. The service is the best in the city and the extensive menu will not disappoint. The wine list is excellent.

Address: Paseo de la Presa de la Olla # 76



West of The Diego Rivera Museum, continental cuisine at a reasonable price. Wine prices are a bit high but that is the norm in Guanajuato. Set at the back of a charming pottery shop. White linen service with several art pieces on the wall. Closed Mondays.

Address: Pósitos # 69, Center  Phone:(473) 732 0612


Las Mercedes

Up the hill in San Javier, many consider this to be the best restaurant in the city. The chef works with indigenous ingredients and some recipes were passed down from his great grandmother. Good view of the city and you should reserve a table at the window but do it well ahead of time.

Address: Upper Street 2-28 Fractionation San Javier, Guanajuato

Phone:(473) 733 9059

los campos

Los Campos

Nestled in the top corner of Plaza Baratillo, Los Campos is run by an exceptional Mexican chef and her Canadian husband. Tapas, salads and innovative sandwiches (try the burrito) and locally produced wines are their specialty. Good value for the money.

Address:Alameda Alley No. 4A, dime Square


Mexico Lindo y Sabroso

Towards the quieter neighborhood of La Presa, this converted Spanish style house offers traditional Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price. Try to get a seat on the patio. If not, the inside the restaurant is traditional and very nice. Sunday brunch is very good.

Address: Paseo de la Presa 54, Centro, Guanajuato

Phone:(473) 731 0529


Truco No. 7

Behind the Basilica in La Paz, this very old large house with a maze of rooms is funky to say the least. A good burger with a strong margarita will set you back 100 pesos. They are open for breakfast through late night snack.

Address: Street Truco 7 (On one side of the Basilica), Centro, Guanajuato

Phone:(473) 732 6513

Delica Mitsu

Just up from the San Fernando Plaza, Delica Mitsu is a tiny restaurant with about 12 seats out front. Exceptional Japanese food, fast service at a reasonable price. They close around 8:00 pm and are best for lunch.

Address: Callejón of Cantaritos 37, Centro, Guanajuato

Phone:(473) 732 3881


Casa Valadez

Across from the Teatro Juarez, in the Jardin Union, this is the place for atmosphere! Take a patio table and watch the comings and goings.

Excellent service and very good food, Casa Valadez is more expensive than most.

Address: Garden Union 3, Centro, Guanajuato

Phone:(473) 732 0311

Centro Baharati

This is a relaxed vegetarian restaurant with good food, slightly Indian based but the spices are very subtle. The restaurant also serves as a wholistic centre catering to one’s inner well being.

Address: Place of Marketplace 11 Centro, Guanajuato

Phone:(473) 734 1672

Sabor y Arte

Take a 10 minute cab ride to Marfil, just north east of Casa Terraza. European influenced dishes, this restaurant is worth the trip. Good value and the service is excellent.

Address: Place of Marketplace 11 Centro, Guanajuato

Phone:(473) 733 3066


La Taula

Primarily a Tapas restaurant offering tasty meals and excellent value. La Taula also has a wide range of beer and wine offerings.

Address: Potrero Alley 2, Centro, Guanajuato

Phone:(473) 734 1848

Jardín de los milagros

Jardin de los Milagros is set in an ex hacienda dating from the 1650’s. Stone walls and mature treads provide for an enchanting setting. Sitting under white sapote trees and gardens, that make it the perfect place to sample the cuisine of chef Bricio Domínguez.

The place, that belonged to Juan de Nepomuceno, has trees that were planted 120 years ago and serves as the pithead (Entrance to a mine).

The ambiance and warmth of the house, are the perfect setting for chef preparing delicacies Bricio Dominguez, who likes to personally take care of the ingredients that prepares its cuisine, with Mexican influence, Spanish and Mediterranean.

Address: Alhóndiga Calle 80, San Javier, Guanajuato

Phone:(473) 732 9366